Solo on Moto is a challenging around the world motorcycle journey that Eli Coory is doing for children with cancer alone, unsponsored and unsupported.

Eli visiting children with cancer in Mexico

Few years ago, Eli, a property developer turned journalist and worked for Reuters, ditched his comfortable lifestyle in London and begun circumnavigating the world by air, sea and on motorcycle. It was then he learned that traveling for a good cause is his ultimate challenge.

In April 2013, Eli left London by motorcycle on a 3 months trip with the aim of helping a good cause, but after meeting an 8 year old cancer sufferer, his short trip became a round the world mission to help children with cancer. So far he covered over 110,000 km on 4 continents and still riding.

Eli stops-by centres caring for children with cancer along his routes to help put a smile on their faces by providing help as needed.

He doesn't receive any help nor assistance while travelling - all on his own and without sponsors nor support of any kind.

Eli documents his journeys by text, video and photos for his charitable project.  He also interact with over 100.000 online followers by sharing with them videos, photos and text posts.  

Traveling around the world by motorcycle is an adventure comes with enormous risks, difficulties and challenges especially for a solo traveler. On few ocasions Eli faced life threatening situations but escaped unharmed thanks to his extraordinary experience in wars zones as a young man, something no doubt will excite viewers and readers of his upcoming film and book.

Having recently completing a daring crossing of the American continents surviving encounters with dangerous criminals, wild animals and extreem weather conditions, Eli woke up hours after arriving back home in London, only to find out that thieves managed to steal “Mare”, his motorcycle. Luckely, Mare is fitted with a GPS tracker and police returned her 2 days later though she suffered a $10.000 damage which after 3 months wait the insurance company, unfairly refused to honour the claim. Meanwhile Eli begun the work on producing the Solo on Moto Film to tell an amazing true story of the unfolding events he faced while on the road. The film will be used to help children with cancer, highlighting their suffering and raise awareness. Some of the photos and video will also be uploaded here to share with you on this page.



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